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Making a positive impact and being part of the solution has never been easier!

With EVERY purchase made 2% net sales is contributed to Operation Underground Railroad "OUR",
and 2% to YOUR favorite charity.

I'm Laura-Lee Whitelaw

The visionary founder and owner of Legacy Real Estate Photography.  I am both humbled and excited to share my journey with you. It's a journey that began with the dream of making a lasting, positive impact on our world, and I believe the time to be part of the solution has never been more accessible.

Before Legacy Real Estate Photography, my life was a mix of emotions in the corporate world. I treasured the relationships I built with incredible people, formed bonds with vendors, and connected with countless individuals across many organizations. Yet, a deep sense of unhappiness crept in due to a lack of inspiring leadership, unfulfilling work, and management that left much to be desired.

I yearned for a path that would not only fill my soul with significance and reward but also extend this sense of purpose to those I would employ and the community we all share. The principles I hold dear include delivering excellence, upholding integrity, and practicing empathy. I reject mediocrity, dishonesty, and indifference towards our fellow human beings because, in the end, we are all on this journey together, and there's no reason why it can't be fun and harmonious!

Photography has always been my passion, a love that has been with me since childhood. Through real estate photography, I've been able to merge this passion with the powerful act of connecting with people as they pursue their own dreams. Legacy Real Estate Photography was conceived to deliver exceptional service to clients who weren't receiving the attention they deserved elsewhere and contribute to my community.

But it goes far beyond just capturing images of houses. Each photograph represents someone's first dream home, a place where families will grow, marriages will begin, and new chapters will unfold. It's the canvas of people's lives, and I wanted Legacy to provide a platform for employees to not only hone their skills but to grow as leaders. Together, we can create a radical shift in the trajectory of people's lives with every purchase made through Legacy.

And this brings me to the heart of our mission. With EVERY purchase made at Legacy Real Estate Photography, 2% of net sales is contributed to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), a heroic organization dedicated to ending human trafficking. Additionally, 2% is directed to YOUR favorite charity, ensuring that every transaction carries the power to make a tangible difference in the world.

My core values dictate my choices, decisions, and behavior. I am committed to leaving a legacy that inspires and is admired, a legacy that touches the lives of those I love and those I've yet to meet. I believe in a legacy that doesn't just impact one life but transforms the world for the better.

So, I invite you to join me in this remarkable mission. Let's embark on a journey that is not just about photographs, but about creating a legacy for good in the lives of the people we serve, employ, and touch through our philanthropic endeavors.

The question is: What kind of legacy do you wish to live by and leave behind?


Together, we can make it one admired and exemplified by generations to come.

With heartfelt gratitude and hope,

Laura-Lee Whitelaw

Our Values.

We Believe in Integrity

We Believe in Excellence

We Believe in Dependability

We Believe in Humanity

Our Mission.

Legacy’s mission is to execute excellent performance with a purpose.  To help our clients achieve their goals and mission while making a positive impact in the lives we touch daily, in our community, and the world around us.

We do this through our exceptional full-service real estate media services.  Specifically, HDR photography, high-end editing, drone work, videos, twilight images, 3D virtual tours, schematic floor plans, virtual staging, headshots, and outstanding collaborative customer service.

Our Vision.

As an enterprise, Legacy provides a platform to inspire employees to grow as individuals and as entrepreneurs.  We are committed to making a positive impact and influencing humanitarian change in our community and globally.

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With every purchase made 2% of the net sales are contributed to Operation Underground Railroad "OUR."

“OUR” exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Annually it is estimated that 25 million people are trafficked each year, with 25% (6,250,000) of them being children. “OUR” not only coordinates rescues across 50 states and 30 countries but also provides recovery plans for everyone that is saved.

Making a positive difference has never been so easy.

To learn more about Operation Underground Railroad "OUR" click on the button below.

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